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Artigo do Mês – maio 2022

The inability to belch syndrome: A study using concurrent high-resolution manometry and impedance monitoring Renske A.B. Oude Nijhuis | Jurjaan A. Snelleman | Jac M. Oors| Boudewijn F. Kessing | Derrek A. Heuveling| Jeroen M. Schuitenmaker |Liesbeth ten Cate | Andreas J.P.M. Smout | Albert J. Bredenoord Abstract Introduction: Although [...]

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Artigo do Mês – abril 2022

Global Prevalence and Impact of Rumination Syndrome Axel Josefsson,1 Jóhann P. Hreinsson,1 Magnus Simrén,1,2 Jan Tack,1,3 Shrikant I. Bangdiwala,4,5 Ami D. Sperber,6 Olafur S. Palsson,2 and Hans Törnblom1 1Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden; 2Center for Functional GI and Motility [...]

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Artigo de mês – março 2022

The Intestinal Gas Questionnaire (IGQ): Psychometricvalidation of a new instrument for measuring gas-related symptoms and their impact on daily life among general population and irritable bowel syndrome Martin Duracinsky1,2 | Sharon Archbold3 | Beatriz Lobo4,5,6,7 | Pascal Bessonneau1 | Frédérique Thonon1 | Javier Santos4,5,6,7 | Danila Guagnozzi4,5,6,7 | Nalin Payakachat8 [...]

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Artigo do Mês – janeiro 2022

Two microbiota subtypes identified in irritable bowel syndrome with distinct responses to the low FODMAP diet Kevin Vervier ,1 Stephen Moss,2,3 Nitin Kumar,1 Anne Adoum,1 Meg Barne,4Hilary Browne,1 Arthur Kaser,3,5 Christopher J Kiely,6 B Anne Neville,1 Nina Powell,4Tim Raine ,2,7 Mark D Stares,1 Ana Zhu,1 Juan De La Revilla Negro,2Trevor [...]

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Artigo do Mês – dezembro 2021

Randomised clinical trial: the effects of pregabalin vs placebo on functional dyspepsia Isariyaphong Kotikula | Nithi Thinrungroj | Kanokwan Pinyopornpanish | Phuripong Kijdamrongthum | Apinya Leerapun | Taned Chitapanarux | Satawat Thongsawat | Ong-Ard Praisontarangkul Summary Background: Currently, central neuromodulators are among the therapeutic options for the treatment of functional [...]

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Artigo do Mês – novembro 2021

Mucosal Biofilms Are an Endoscopic Feature of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis Maximilian Baumgartner,1 Michaela Lang,1,2 Hunter Holley,1,2 Daniel Crepaz,2 Bela Hausmann,3,4 Petra Pjevac,2,3 Doris Moser,5 Felix Haller,1 Fabian Hof,1 Andrea Beer,6 Elisabeth Orgler,1 Adrian Frick,1 Vineeta Khare,1 Rayko Evstatiev,1 Susanne Strohmaier,7 Christian Primas,1 Werner Dolak,1 Thomas Köcher,8 Kristaps [...]

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Artigo do Mês – outubro 2021

Esophageal Hypervigilance and Symptom-Specific Anxiety in Patients with Eosinophilic Esophagitis Tiffany H. Taft, Dustin A. Carlson, Madison Simons, Sonia Zavala, Ikuo Hirano, Nirmala Gonsalves, John E. Pandolfino Abstract BACKGROUND & AIMS: Patient symptom reporting often does not correlate with the pathophysiological markers of esophageal disease, including eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE). Esophageal [...]

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Artigo do Mês – setembro 2021

The inability to belch syndrome: A study using concurrent high-resolution manometry and impedance monitoring Renske A.B. Oude Nijhuis, Jurjaan A. Snelleman, Jac M. Oors, Boudewijn F. Kessing, Derrek A. Heuveling, Jeroen M. Schuitenmaker, Liesbeth ten Cate, Andreas J.P.M. Smout, Albert J. Bredenoord Abstract Introduction: Although inability to belch has previously [...]

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Artigo do Mês – junho 2021

Gut microbiota composition reflects disease severity and dysfunctional immune responses in patients with COVID-19 Yun Kit Yeoh, Tao Zuo, Grace Chung-Yan Lui, Fen Zhang, Qin Liu, Amy YL Li, Arthur CK Chung, Chun Pan Cheung, Eugene YK Tso, Kitty SC Fung, Veronica Chan, Lowell Ling, Gavin Joynt, David Shu-Cheong Hui, [...]

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Artigo do Mês – maio 2021

The impact of stigma on medication adherence in patients with functional dyspepsia Yan X-J, Luo Q-Q, Qiu H-Y, Ji C-F, Chen S-L Background: Psychological factors contribute to the pathogenesis of functional dyspepsia (FD). Antidepressant agents are beneficial in treatment of refractory FD. However, their efficacy is greatly hindered by the poor treatment adherence. Stigma [...]

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